Two consortium members are partners for remote access to TOP-IX

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Two consortium members become partners for remote access to TOP-IX, for peering services.

LEPIDA has recently joined the Consortium and is now also the official reseller for the Emilia Romagna area. It thus allows operators in this strategic region to peer directly on TOP-IX. This step reinforces the recent entry among the consortium members of Lepida and opens the possibility for further collaborations to increase the possibility of interconnection between the territories of Emilia Romagna and Piedmont.

FiberTelecom is a network operator that offers advanced and innovative telecommunication services for the internet and cloud service provider, focusing on the quality of services and technical assistance. It has been connected to TOP-IX for a year and the opening of the new PoP in Turin has allowed them to also be present as a reseller for remote peering as a qualified partner.

Check here for more details on Remote Peering and the full list of partners.