Service fees

The use of Consortium infrastructure requires the payment of an annual fee, named Service Fee. The amount of the fee is determined according the type of options requested by the Consortium member. Annual service costs currently applied (in € , without VAT) are as follows:

Service Media Activation Annual fee
 100 Mbps  100Base-TX  250  2.500
1 Gbps
1000Base-T SX/LX 250 6.000 
10 Gbps


1.000  12.000
VLAN METRO   200  300
VLAN GEO   200  900


  1. 10M, 200M, and 2G capacities are no more available
  2. Actual contracts at these speeds are automatically upgradated (but new fees are lowerthan 2014 fees).
  3. VLAN METRO: VLAN within two ports on two different PoPs within same metro area
  4. VLAN GEO: VLAN within two ports on two different PoPs in different  metro areas with a single port we propagate public peering VLAN 4. On this VLAN it’s possible setting up max 3

On each port public peering VLAN 4 could be propagated by default. On this VLAN it’s possible setting up max 2 IP addresses and relative MAC addresses. TOP-IX is allowed to control if connected members do not implement practises against peering as tunnels or IP transit. Port also includes public peering VLANs of IXP partners (actually Lyonix, VSIX and France-IX). France-IX limits max speed for each remote member at 100 Mbps.

Port Service Fees includes max 3 RU to colocate network devices as switch or routers (NOT servers even if with network functions). For more RUs a special offer is needed. Colocation is available at following PoPs: TO-CSI, TO-ITGATE, Ivrea, Biella, Vercelli, Novara, Verbania, Alessandria, Asti, Cuneo, Fossano. For other PoPs special contracts with housing locators are requested.

Cabling of member colocated device and TOP-IX switch is in charge of requesting member.

Private VLANs (METRO or GEO depending on network topology) can be configured within two ports of same member or of different members. On each private VLAN (and port) max 2 IP addresses and 2 MAC addresses. Members can request a single private VLAN propagated on different (more than 2) ports. Service fee applied amounts to (number of ports -1) X VLAN Service Fee (see table above).

Moreover TOP-IX provide services within Val di Susa following a digital divide contrast policy.

Service Fees do not include:

  • housing costs in addition to the above mentioned 3 RU;
  • cost of the connection between member headquarters and TOP-IX headquarters;
  • configuration of member equipment;
  • Consortium Joining Fee and Membership Fee;
  • Membership to the Consortium Development Program (Development Program Fee).