The new Service Fees of the TOP-IX Consortium

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The Assembly of the Consortium of last February 26th approved the new Service Fees, introducing some innovations, such as the inclusion of the 100G peering ports (3,000 euros for activation and 36,000 euros for the annual fee). In addition, activation costs and annual fees for the 100 Mega, 1 and 10 Giga ports were reduced and it was decided to highlight a differentiation between consortium members and others (for which the provision of peering services is assessed by the Board Directors). For detailed costs, you can consult the dedicated page on the TOP-IX website.

Finally, some discounts are provided:
– 10% on additional ports, for multiple doors on the same PoP (same capacity and type);
– 50% discount on fees for academic and research institutions;
– 4 month free promotion on the fee, for new 10G marketplace / transport ports;
– 4-month promotion for the upgrade from 1G to 10G for the marketplace / transport ports (you continue to pay the fee for 1G for the first 4 months).